Common Questions and Answers

The answers to questions specific to the renovation proWe are here to help and support you.ject are based on the most recently information from the Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority (SMHA).   

Q:  How long is this process going to take?

A:  SMHA has indicated that it will take between 18 to 20 months from the time the apartments are vacated and construction begins.

Q:  What will the living situation be for the residents currently living there while the renovation is in process?

A:  SMHA is working with relocation experts from SAV Enterprises to assist each family in need of new housing.

Q:  When remodeling is complete will old tenants be allowed to move back in with same or different contracts, or al all?

A:  This is more than remodeling.  It is a complete raze and rebuild.  The staff from SAV can provide options for families being relocated that could include the right to return.  The specifics of this arrangement should be discussed with SAV.

Q: Will we be able to attend Yates Elementary School for the September 2019-20 School Year?  

A:  Enrollment in our schools is based upon the primary residence of students.  Any families living within the Yats attendance zone will absolutely be allowed to attend Yates in September.  

As individual circumstance change, under our mobility policy there are provisions to allow students to complete the remainder of the school year in the school in which they started.  SCSD will work with families and review options if relocation outside of the Yates attendance zone occurs.

Q:  Will transportation be provided?

A:  First and foremost, the detrmination for transportation is made based on distance from your home to your attendance zone school.  This is one of the areas in which we can work with you based on your unique circumstances.

Q:  Do we have to move?  If so, will we be assisted with our move?

A:  Yes, the move is imminent.  The staff from SAV Enterprises can provide an overview of the services you can access as part of your move.

Q:  Are there any grants and or services that might provide assistance to us?

A:  The Schenectady City School Dsitrict is currently researching what might be available to assist students whose educational program is being impacted by this relocation.  However, SAVE does have the ability to discuss other types of assistance availabel to resident of Yates Village.

Q:  Is Yates Elementary School affilidated with or connected to Yates Village?

A:  There is no affilication between Yates Elementary School/the school district and Yates Village/SMHA, but we are working with the staff at SMHA and SAV to stay apprised of developments and to be as proactive as possible in assisting our students and families.

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